A PR agency that focuses on fun, flavour and feeling

About Vår pr-byrå

Vår PR-byrå focuses on entertaining, fun, tasty and fashionable sectors. We build and make brands visible through strategic Public Relations. Vår PR-byrå is a small business, with ability to expand by networking without limits in and outside of Sweden.

Vår PR-Byrå loves everything that tickles the senses. Our goal is mainly to help large and small clients to market their brand, products, and services in an accurate, efficient way, at the right time, and through the right channels. It can include old media, social media or specific events for targeted groups. Sometimes crisis management is necessary – we take care of your every need.

Vår PR-byrå has unlimited potential. We have a wide network of creative consultants in Europe. Here you find Advertising- and Design Offices, Production Companies, Opinion Polls- and Business Analysts. When needed we bring in advice from experienced freelance journalists, PR-Consultants, anything to reach a set goal.



Vår PR-byrå is a member of Svenska PR-företagen.


Strategic Advice
Press Events
Newsletters & Customer Magazines
Media Pitches
PR Training
Conference Speaker
Media Relations
Concept Development
Social media promotions
Text production
Media Training
Crisis public relations strategies

Our clients

You can find our clients in Food- and Beverage-, Travel- and Destination- and Lifestyle Sectors. We have many long term client relations. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to provide further references.


Karin Pontén

Karin Pontén

0708 66 66 31

Karin Pontén has an extensive background as a journalist and PR-consultant. Born and raised in Falun, Dalarna, Karin graduated with a bachelor of arts in political science. Later she achieved a diploma as a certified sommelier from the Restaurant Academy. Things that tickle Karin’s senses are in particular but not exclusively motorbikes, dogs, horses, wine, pretty much anything fast, tasty and fun! Her passions in life have transcended into her work.